Interior Painting

Our decorators are equipped with the tools to ensure that your paint is smoothly and evenly distributed on all surfaces.

Spraying can be particularly useful for projects with a tight timescale, or for painting hard-to-reach places, but it also gives a superior finish. Of course, there’s nothing to stop us using traditional rollers and brushes, but whether it’s a case of spraying, brushes or rollers, it’s generally true that it’s the quality of the preparatory work that has the biggest influence on the lasting quality of the end results.

Our project managers will advise on the different forms of preparation that might be optional or essential for a interior painting. These might include measures such as bleaching the walls to eradicate mould and fungal growth, for example, a process that might be followed by a power- wash or steam-cleaning.

Exterior Painting

Protecting your property from the elements is a tough and vital job, one that requires the proper advice and materials. Take a short walk down any random street, however, and you’ll soon find plenty of evidence to suggest how that advice is all too often ignored. With many years of experience in the exterior painting,

TCPS understand how to achieve the necessary balance of the right skills, meticulous preparation and the very best materials and equipment to ensure an immaculate finish that will last for years to come. We have an extensive range of modern, professional kit to ensure that our decorators are properly equipped to work unhindered on your property and able to concentrate on achieving the very possible results.

For a first class finish call today and arrange free survey plus consultation with one of our senior project managers.

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting projects can be very different from domestic jobs. The work extends beyond the four walls and ceiling of your business premises. We can tackle a whole array of other jobs, such as waterproofing, steel structural, commercial painting, parking lot striping, graphics, signage, and historical restoration.

TCPS Construction have a proven track record of working throughout Europe and we are used to negotiating the kind of problems presented when scheduling renovation and decorating work around the 24/7 demands of even the most hectic of business timetables. We use skilled and efficient painters with many years of experience. They are trained to deliver a fast, efficient, and reliable service and do so with professionalism, great communication and quality workmanship.

Office Painting / Renovation

The vital importance of the time factor is one way in which commercial painting or renovation projects tend to differ from residential projects. Time is certainly of the essence for residential clients, too, but so far as businesses are concerned, time is most definitely money. It is of course virtually impossible for businesses to function if their normal working environment is out of action or compromised for a lengthy period of time.

TCPS Construction have considerable experience of working to tight and demanding time frames and of managing a highly efficient workforce to deliver outstanding results, not just on budget, but also on time. Our decorators provide a reliable service with very high quality workmanship.

For further details, call TCPS Construction to arrange a site survey with one of our project managers.